Daily Briefing Bingo: The Canadian Content You Didn’t Know You Needed

Originally posted on raincoaster:
Hey Girl, do you want a robust social safety net? I got you. But you totally DO need it, you know? Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest challenge faced by contemporary news organizations (besides rapacious owners; don’t get me started) is that of enticing readers, listeners, watchers, away from the never-ending stream…

Don’t Meme On Me

The QAnon- and MAGA- and ultimately Nazi-led initiative to “reopen America” has inspired some truly great memes. We can all use a good laugh these days, and laughing at stupid, evil people is good for your karma, so without further ado we present this zeitgeisty roundup of remixes of the not-originally-racist Gadsden Flag. You know,…

CESB and CERB for Students in Canada

Note: due to the popularity of this post we will be hosting an AMA specifically on the CESB next week, probably Wednesday. Put your questions in the comment section here any time up to the time the AMA goes live. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced an additional $9 billion in economic supports in response…

Covid-19: What We Don’t Know vs What We DO Know

a Guest Post via Facebook by Bradley Cooper, Not The Movie Star One Things we don’t know: our future with a world economy in turmoil. The eventual social and health outcomes of the Covid19 pandemic. Things we do know: the kind of behaviour as a group that will determine best possible outcomes with regard to…

The Food Bank Giving Challenge

The Food Bank Giving Challenge: Find your local food bank
Make a personal donation
Share that you’ve donated to your local food bank and invite others to match your contribution.

Thoughts on the CERB

How to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, CERB, and some of the issues you might encounter.