Welcome to #OpCovid19

Unity Through Distance in the age of Covid-19
Unity Through Distance in the age of Covid-19
Yes, we know there should be a hyphen in the site name, but it doesn’t work in a hashtag.

Welcome, all, to #OpCovid19. We aim to empower those who are maintaining good social distancing, and employ the pent-up energy of those shut in at home, mobilizing them to solve problems as they arise.

  • Bringing food to those isolated by quarantine at home
  • Sewing and distributing medical masks for hospitals
  • Sewing and distributing masks for civilian use
  • Fostering pets which have been given up
  • Sharing information to make life easier and safer during this pandemic
  • Distributing calls to action for areas in crisis on an ongoing basis
  • More, as we become aware of the need for help and the opportunity to do so

We’ve already been hard at work organizing food deliveries and disseminating information via social media, and over the next few days we’ll start creating some posts that we hope you’ll find useful and shareable. Sharing is caring!

If you’ve got a post you’d like us to share, please put it in the Contact Form on our Contact Page. We’re relying on you; none of us can do this alone.

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