The Heavy Metal Covid-19 Briefing

The latest from Canuckistan on Covid-19 government supports, vaccine timelines, and more.


Welcome to the second in our new series of Mystery Wrapped In A Riddle Though Otherwise Completely Arbitrary Narrative Framing Devices. Guess the over-arching theme and win a completely imaginary prize. Why?

It’s been A Year, Possums. It’s been a year.

The series will be ongoing till it’s over, which, who knows? There is some chaos in scheduling briefings lately, what with them getting shunted aside for Any Old Meeting, and there is some chaos in communicating the schedules, what with the Prime Minister’s website, where he usually broadcasts his schedule a day in advance, looking like it’s hidden behind a lead shield inside a faraday cage recently:

Yeah, decidedly non-optimal

Still looks like that on Chrome, too. What’s he got against Google, I wonder?

Anyhoodle, here we are and here we go, with the video:

On Parliament Hill, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discusses the federal government’s response…

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