The Sparky Covid-19 Briefing Bingo

The latest from Canada on the vaccine supply situation. They’ve ordered enough to vaccinate every Canadian almost four times. And you get unequivocal statements of optimism from Dr. Theresa Tam.


Welcome back, Possums, to the Zoolander and Friends hour. As you can see we’re continuing our unspecified, guess-if-you-can arbitrary narrative framing device series. First we were Happy, then we were Heavy Metal. Now, Sparky. Possibly even electric! Like that one annoying light switch that hums angrily and occasionally snaps at you when you turn it on.

And you, Dear Readers, turn me on.

(She’s cocky
Roxanne, you’re through)

See it must be true what they say about you
That you’re stuck up and conceited, you got to be sued
They called you a pear, a plum, and a peach
Roxanne, my girl, I’m about to teach
You a lesson, not fessin’, cause my rap won’t be weak
By the time I’m through, you’ll know who’s the chief
‘Cause I’m Sparky D, top female MC
And to disrespect the Crew wasn’t cool to me
Because they made you famous…

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