Shortcut to Canadian Vaccination!

We tried, and failed, to sign up for the AZ jab on the Ontario government website. Because Doug Ford sux, that’s why: the stupid website (he probably paid some guy abroad or the son of a donor $20 for the site on Fiverr) was trying to send us to the next town over when we’d literally have to pass three different pharmacies that are giving out the vaccine in order to get there.

Correction: five pharmacies.

Anyhoodle, here’s what we’ve discovered. As long as you meet the age guidelines (currently 55 and older) IGNORE the provincial government site, pick the pharmacy closest to you, and go to that company’s website to register. This gets it done, gets it right, and gets you in the system faster.

Pick the one closest to you (in our case, a Shoppers) and they will have a particular page where you fill out a form to get in the queue for your vaccine. The government site somehow got my address wrong from the postal code and was trying to send me to the pharmacies one town over.

Only sign up at the one you intend to go to: there is no benefit, and much potential harm, from signing up for vaccination at more than one pharmacy. You do not want to be the reason unused vaccine gets thrown out at the end of the day.

And they’re the stupid form sites that erase the info you input if you use the Back arrow or scroll up the page, so be aware of that as you’re filling out the form.

AND and they won’t send a confirmation code or message to an app-based number. No Skype, no TextNow, nothing but an actual official mobile or land line. Which is nothing more than class discrimination, absolutely, but here we are. You have (at least at Shoppers) the option of not giving them a mobile number and insisting they use email instead.

Updated to add: got an appointment for Thursday morning! Note that they will give you an appointment near you, not necessarily at the outlet nearEST to you. I’m a block from a Shoppers but my appointment is at a Loblaws 3km away. I can handle that. It’s the getting up early that’ll be a challenge! That and deciding what to wear! Short sleeves AND festive? After 40 that’s challenging for some of us!



Guardian and IDA drug stores

Real Canadian Superstores

London Drugs

Any others we should list?

Once you jump through all the hoops you’ll get a “You will be contacted for an appointment” message. DO NOT PANIC and do not think you wasted your time. You did it: you’re in the system. You’ve got a number in a database somewhere and you will get your jab once Doug Ford realizes that storing them all in his beer fridge is killing his political future and personal popularity.

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    FYI this works far better than relying on the Ontario government website, because Doug Ford was in charge of that, so what can you expect?

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